Free U.S. Ground Shipping — $100+
Free U.S. Ground Shipping — $100+

Made in Pennsylvania. 

Jao Face Creme improves elasticity and hydration while smoothing the appearance of fine lines. This long-lasting moisturizer repairs skin with Hydrolized Oat Protein which stimulates the skin’s barrier protein synthesis, thereby reducing skin roughness and appearance of wrinkle depth. 2oz

Natural, moisturizing lip balm from Jao Brand consisting of Rose Hip Oil, Jojoba, Pumpkin Seed Butter, Sea Buckthorn, and Propolis. 

3 oz. tube of mulitpurpose "Goe Body Oil" consisting of an intricate combination of 28 plant, fruit and flower oils & butters. Absorbs quickly, super hydrating and can be used all over the body, hair and feet. Lighter than a typical body butter and longer lasting than a moisturizer. 

Made In USA