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Love What You Do is a mini-series of moving and still images portraiting artisans and small businesses that we love and collaborate.

We are excited to kick off this project featuring a long-time friend Saffron, a flower shop established in 2009 by Kana Togashi and Tetsuji Nakatomi in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. In 2019, Saffron opened its second location in the Essex Market. 


It was one of the evenings 13 years ago, on the way home from a particularly long day, I wandered into Saffron Brooklyn in Fort Greene. It has the allure of a discreet neighboring florist, tucked in a quiet corner between the bustling Atlantic Terminal and the historic Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Upon entering, I was immediately transported to a miniture urban garden, walking through the tiered display of fresh flowers, seasonal plants, and cut branches. Each step is an exploration and a discovery of new colors, shapes, and variety. Subtle waves of scents and notes from different flowers bring a new sensation at each turn. Time seems to go a little slower in this little gem of a store.

Kana Togashi and Tetsuji Nakatomi started Saffron after completing degrees in fine arts and architecture. Togashi was raised in New York and grew up in Fort Greene. What began as a temporary project grew into a thriving business, and 10 years later, branched into a second location in the new Essex Market. Saffron specializes in unique arrangements that have earned them a reputation for their distinct sensibilities. They also focus on working with local and emerging artists and collaborating with like-minded organizations. 

With Saffron, the visit extends beyond the flowers, it is a feeling and an unique arrangement that will liven up your own environment.  

Here in SKU, we believe it makes a tangible difference to feel a sense of place, familiarity, and belonging. Just like Saffron, we aspire to create a store environment with sincere hospitality paired with honest products to bring our customers a refreshing experience.

In past years, we have collaborated with Saffon on dried florals for our store, trade shows, and photoshoot. This holiday season, we commissioned Tetsuji for a small arrangement in SKU Lafayette. Come visit and see the arrangement in person.

Scroll down to watch the full length video.

Tetsuji begins the day in the floral district NY

Kana and Tetsuji in Saffron Essex Market

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Special Thanks | Saffron @saffronbk & Dutch Flower Line, Inc @dutchflowerline_nyfg

Video Director | Marina Elise @marinaelisee

Video Assistant | Joshua Keith @thejoshuakeith

Art Direction | Nini Hu @SKU

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