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The I+M team has visited our studio many times in the past 2 years, and we became fast friends with a shared passion for wash, vintage, and local manufacturing. We know making products in the USA is not easy, and we always make a conscious effort in sharing resources and industry knowledge in the hope that one day our local manufacturing community will expand and become a thriving ecosystem once again. We are thrilled to collaborate with a kindred spirit and bring a 100% Made in USA chino to our shops.

Through the lens of Imogene + Willie, we would like to take this opportunity to reintroduce our team and showcase what American manufacturing looks like inside Save Khaki United.

SKU has a diverse team, a small reflection of the melting pot that is America. Led by David Mullen, our founder and creative director, our small team works on multiple seasons and multiple small projects every single day. David touches SKU from concept to production, Raul manages sewing operation, Ivan coordinates with the dye houses, Rosendo is our master sample maker, Alberto hand printed every single graphic on the All American Chino, Homero is our do-it-all guy, Roxy and Rocio are in charge of our finishing department, and David Paul packs all the orders sent from our warehouse. Luis, Sumi, and May are the three new additions to our team supporting product development, pattern making, and design. Dillan manages our retail, wholesale, and customer service, and we have no idea how he does it all.

This is how we do Made in USA, with a small team that is resilient, creative, and good looking.

Thank you to our friend Imogene + Willie for believing in our joint effort, reaffirming our value, and so warmly captured our team spirit. *Normally, we just have David take photos of the team on his phone.

This is our version of Made in USA, and we hope you enjoy meeting the team that brings you Save Khaki United.


The SKU team

All images courtesy of Imogene + Willie.

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  • Hi Y’all

    I’m a founder of an eco clothing company in Canada, I just read this article and it’s very inspirational. A small team can accomplish so much.

    Anne Joyce

    Anne Joyce on

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