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Love What You Do is a mini-series of moving and still images portraiting artisans and small businesses that we love and collaborate.

We are thrilled to showcase Jamie Davis, co-founder of Portola Paints, a Los Angeles-based family-owned paint company. Renowned for their specialty Lime Wash and Roman Clay paints, Portola Paints is beloved by luxury interior designers, gracing beautifully designed properties and often featured in top interior publications.


When reflecting on our brand collaborations, David shared something close to his heart, “We're drawn to creators who pour their souls into their craft. Being hands-on in my own studio every day, I deeply connect with those who share that level of dedication. There's a special kind of magic in witnessing people truly in love with what they do.”

Jamie embodies this sentiment. Starting Portola Paints with his brother in their teens, they painstakingly developed and handcrafted paints for years, mastering color and consistency.

We were fortunate to catch Jamie at Portola’s new LA showroom, he graciously took us behind the scenes, showing us how they interact with customers over their specialty paint and giving us a glimpse of their paint production studio in the back, where all of Portola Paints are made.  And then, he unveiled the stunning Lime Wash Piano Room —a khaki shade that immediately ignited inspiration for our upcoming shops.

It's incredible how Jamie and David's paths intersected years ago, with Jamie even being a customer at our first LA popup with Shelter Half, a curated shop of all things Made in America. It's all come full circle. In this photoshoot, Jamie is wearing Good Work, our newest Made in USA endeavor, showcasing the beautiful connections that emerge when passion meets purpose.





We're thrilled to partner with Portola to incorporate their unique colors such as Fade to Black, Figueroa, In the Navy, and Nostalgia into a collaborative tee. Also, be sure to watch for our painter-inspired tote, paying homage to the craftsmanship we deeply admire.

Collection available Friday April 5th, 2024.

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Explore our visit to Portola Paints in the video below.


Special Thanks | Jamie Davis and crew of

Portola Paints @portolapaints


Video Director | Alek Parker @alekparker

Photographer | Michael DeTemple @mikeydetemple

Creative Director | David Mullen

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