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For years, our female customers have embraced our unisex products, reveling in the comfort, quality, and effortless style they bring to their wardrobes.

We take great pride in the easy lifestyle we have built for men, and now the time has come to extend this lifestyle to our women friends. It is with immense pleasure that we introduce Boyville, a women's collection from Save Khaki United.

 In our inaugural collection, we have designed a tight capsule of modern basics crafted from our favorite materials, including Supima cotton, oxford, and corduroy. 

By blending timeless design with contemporary elements, we aim to create a collection that captures the essence of SKU for our women friends. These thoughtfully designed basics will serve as the foundation for an evolving lineup of styles that you will cherish season after season.

Come join us, boys and girls, and enjoy the easy lifestyle of SKU.


Boyville is available at

SKU Lafayette

SKU Atwater Village

Photographer | Dan McMahon @mcmahon_photo

Models | Vince Dickson @vincedickson and Vanessa Cruz @vanessacruzv

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