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Ever since Boyville's inception, our mission has been to capture the iconic "Girl-Dressed-As-Boy" aesthetic - a style that Diane Keaton effortlessly epitomized in the classic film, "Annie Hall." 

As we continue to shape Boyville's design philosophy, our creative journey revolves around celebrating women who effortlessly radiate style and elegace while adoring menswear.

In the second issue of Boyville, we drew inspiration from the nostalgic allure of vintage corduroy and played with exaggerated proportions, mix and matching boxy, shrunken, and cropped silhouettes.  The outcome is a modern form of femininity that feels entirely fresh and exiting.


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Photographer | Dan McMahon @imageheavy

Creative Director | David Mullen

 Model | Ines Lopez

© Save Khaki United 2023

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