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SKU tee comes in two fit.  The Standard Fit, which is our most popular fit, and the Athletic Fit, which only comes in our recycled phys. ed Tee.

However, fit is really a state of mind.  Our fit is cut true to size.  So, if you prefer a more relaxed fit, feel free to go up a size.


The SKU Standard


The SKU standard fit is set close to the body, and it is the base pattern for most of our Supima jersey styles: short sleeve and long sleeve crew, short sleeve V neck, and even our Henley and easy shirt are in this tried-and-true fit.

Because it is cut close to the body, some customers like the way the sleeve gives definition on their biceps.


The recent trend on tee shirt has been influenced by streetwear and some customers are preferring to size up for the relaxed and boxy look.  Choose the tee size based on what attitude you want to convey based on the proportion of the outfits you wear. 
The SKU Athletic
The Athletic fit is the only boxy fit we offer.  The rib collar is chunkier than the STANDARD, and the weight of the fabric is also heavier to hold the boxy shape.  The details are true to a retro athletic tee.  
Again, depending on the look you want to convey, pick the size that suits your attitude.