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Welcome to the "Easy Lifestyle," where comfort begins right in the heart of your bedroom—a sacred space for rest and rejuvenation. We're thrilled to share some of our guiding principles that shape our lounge collection, all with the aim of bringing you comfort right where you need it most.

1. Prioritize Simplicity: Just as a soothing neutral color palette can set a tranquil mood, the garments you choose for your bedroom should effortlessly embody simplicity and ease. Take our Haven Pant, for example. Crafted from either poplin or triple gauze and features a relaxed drawstring waistband, it's the epitome of light and airy pajamas.

2. Revel in Softness and Coziness: When it comes to fabric selection, quality is king, especially when your goal is a night of rejuvenating sleep. This is where the fineness of the Supima jersey comes into play. With its extra-long staple fibers, it caresses your skin with natural softness and breathability. We've got it in various styles, from short sleeve to long sleeve, crew neck to v neck, and even in a button-front easy shirt silhouette.

3. Embrace Natural Materials: Natural fibers allow for efficient ventilation and effectively drying any excess moisture. Fabrics like cotton and hemp offer comfort without causing skin irritation or discomfort. You might consider our organic cotton and hemp lounge tee. Hemp possesses temperature-regulating properties, ensuring warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

Now you know how we create the lounge collection and why they will bring you comfort and ease weekends and evenings, check out the full lounge collection and enjoy the Easy Lifestyle.


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The easy lifestyle extends beyond what you wear.  Check out the home textiles we designed to round out a cozy, relaxing, and easy environment. 



Photographer | Dan McMahon @imageheavy

Creative Director | David Mullen

Model | Taro Nakamura

 Model | Ines Lopez

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