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There is no better way to ease into summer in SKU Easy Lifestyle collection.


When we designed this collection, we dreamed of carefree pieces that are simple to outfit, subtle in texture, and enjoyable to wear.


SKU Easy Chinos, Easy Shorts, and Easy Shirts are modern, incredibly comfortable, and simple to pack. Whether taking a stroll in the neighborhood, getting away for a long weekend, or summering abroad, you can trust to look serene and dress effortlessly well in these styles.


Have fun and see you out there!



close up of boat "Trouble No More"Close up of SKU Seersucker Easy Short and White triple gauze easy shirt

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Lucas wearing cement bermuda outside of the boat cabinet

Lucas wearing cotton hem marine stripe short sleeve shirt with triple gauze easy chino, lounging on a cot inside a boat

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close up of the steering wheel of a boatLucas wearing air force beach terry crew short sleeve sweatshirt and ash corduroy pants.  he is stilling on a pole in a harbor with backdrop of boats parked behind himclose up of air force beach terry crew.

Shop Beach Terry in SKU California


Lucas wearing SKU aqua beach short, performing a head standclose up of SKU beach short in aqua.  Lucas' hand folding a shell.Lucas wearing SKU aqua beach shorts on a beach

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